FICTION FART #2: Prosthesis


Allison Harper.


Thirty one.

What position are you wanting to fill?

Anything I can get. A swan, I guess?

…a swan?

Yeah, or whatever. I don’t care. I just want to be on the stage.

On the stage.


Okay, but you…what about your…

What? This? I can get out of this. No problem. I just use this to get around long distances.


Seriously, it’s not a problem. I can still dance.

You can still dance?

Yes. I’ve been practicing for almost a year now. I have a trainer and everything.

I see.

I’ve come a really long way since the accident, I think. Well, I know I have actually. I’ve really turned a corner, you know?


Right. So, I’m ready. Todd thinks I’m ready, too. You can call him, or I can even show you right now, if you want.

No, not right now. I just don’t…


I don’t understand. Your leg…you only have-

One leg, I know. My prosthesis is in my pack, though. I can put it on right now and show you if you-

No, don’t do that. I think…

I swear to God, I can dance almost to the same level that I could before. I understand why you wouldn’t believe me, but-

We have production positions to fill. I was under the impression that you were applying for something like that.


This is something I’ll need to talk to Marty about.


The director.

I know who he is. Marty Allen. Of course I know who he is.

Okay, then you can understand why I need to speak with him?

No. I don’t. What’s it going to hurt to just let me try? Will it hurt you?

Will it hurt me?



Then put my name on the list. A swan. I want to be a swan. You can put me down for that.


I know Marty, you know.

Mmmhmm. Okay.

He knows who I am, too. I was back up for Leslie Delmonico in Phantom two years ago.


Believe me, you are going to want to put me on that list.


Hmm…should I call him right now?

Okay, look-

Yes. Thank you. Yep, there’s your pen right there.

Okay, here you go. Your name…is now…on…the list. See?

For a swan.

For a swan.



Are you grossed out by me?

Excuse me?

My leg. This nub, does it gross you out to look at it?

No. Why?

Because your face is all scrunched up. You look like you’re about to throw up.

Well, I’m not. I’m not like that. I don’t care.

Hmm. Okay. Are you a dancer? Are you going to be in the production?

I dance, yes, but I’m not in this production. Was there anything else that I could help you with?

Nope. That’s it. That’s all I needed from you.

Okay, great. Saturday, then. 9 A.M. sharp.

9 A.M. Got it. Thanks.


Yeah, so my leg was pinned between the door and the seat.


There was gasoline pouring out of the engine. They were pulling my arms so hard that this one came out of socket.

Oh…I don’t need-

That actually hurt more than my leg at the time. Then they started cutting the door off, but there wasn’t enough time.

Okay, but-

So they cut my leg off.


Just below the knee.


There was tons of blood from what I was told. I passed out, though, when they put the jaws on my leg.


Yeah. It was crazy.


Have you ever lost something?

Have I ever lost something?


Yes…I’ve lost something before.

Something that you loved?


Did you get it back?



…so, Saturday then. We’ll see you there?

Yes. Thank you.

You’re welcome.







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